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Movement Tip Monday: Super Simple Upper Body Stretches

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Movement Tip Monday: Super Simple Upper Body Stretches

Get your upper body right in two minutes flat!

If you find yourself hunched over your computer, shoulders rolling forward, neck straining, biceps tense, then you likely have some trouble getting your arms overhead when you ditch work for the gym.

Corrective stretches don’t have to be complicated to be effective! Coaches Erin and Mike have a refreshingly simple stretching routine that’s gonna help big time.

After getting a bit sweaty, spend 30 seconds to 1 minute in each of these poses. In the process we’re hitting some of the usual suspects: Pecs, shoulders, biceps, and lats.

May we suggest: Pairing these stretches with upper back and shoulder strengthening (like YTWs!) will give you even more corrective bang for your buck.

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