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180212 BBC

CrossFit9 – Olympic Weightlifting


Warm-up (No Measure)

Self-led warmup, followed by 3 rounds of the BARE BARBELL technique primer:

2 hang power cleans

+ 2 front squats

+ 2 strict press


Power Clean (Work up to today’s heavy single, then 2×[email protected]%)

Max of 30 minutes on this skill, or two misses at any given weight.

Push + Jerk Press Complex (2×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected] 70% 1RM C&J)

2 Push Presses

+ 1 Push Jerk
Focus should be on driving heels down in the push press and creating true hip drive & extension!

Clean Grip Deadlift (3 x [email protected] 100% of 1RM C&J, 2×[email protected] 110%)


Accessory Exercises

Metcon (No Measure)

3 Supersets:

10 barbell curls

10 strict dips

1 minute rest

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